Writing a Rock Song


It is unarguable that rock music is one of the popular music genres in the world. There are a lot of people who try their best to writing a rock song when they have caught inspiration from listening to renowned rock artists.

In writing a rock song there are several approaches. A lot of writers employ the simple verse-chorus approach. Yet others use variations where a bridge and additional verse and chorus are added. This pattern is employed when a song is not long enough and needs an additional verse to make it conclude well.

Have you realized most rock songs do not exceed five minutes in length? That’s what has been found to be popular among rock lovers. You want to keep the length within 5 minutes while having a catchy but simple melody. One great way to learn more about writing a rock song is to study rock music guides out there. These guides are written by rock music critics and enthusiasts to add to the knowledge base of people seeking info about rock music and songs.

So what can you possibly write songs about? Many rock songwriters write lyrics about events that have happened in their own lives in as a way to expressing their emotions to their audience who may be going through similar experiences. But the one thing you can always write rock songs about is love and relationships. Every person in life has their own love issues – both old and young. Writing a rock song on this subject will get your listeners to become emotionally attached to the song because they can easily relate with it.

Your lyrics must however follow a particular pattern – like having the lines of each verse being equal. One thing you should do is to ensure that your melody lines could easily be used in the song’s chorus. This technique is known as “hook’. It’s a great way to make your music catchy.

The success of writing a rock song in highly dependent on how catchy the tunes or melody is and how simple your lyrics are plus how it relates well with your potential audience. This calls for creativity. You need to use your imagination to paint a clear picture to allow you to tell a story that your audience can easily relate with.