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Frank Town Rocks Review

If making music and making new friends summarizes your child’s interests, Frank Town Rocks is an online virtual world for kids where he can do both.  To address the parent’s main concern, FTR is a safe place where your youngster can interact with other children and have loads of fun.

Frank Town Rocks does not require any installations, and is completely free.  The site also has a very strict anti-bullying policy, so your child will know that he is in a good place where the focus is on having a good time and meeting new friends.  There are chat and mail features for your child to interact with other FTR members.

While your youngster is likely to be more focused on how much fun Frank Town Rocks is, it is also an educational experience.  One of the main purposes of FTR is help children to see how much they can gain from learning about music and playing musical instruments.  Whether your child has music education in his school or not, this virtual world for kids will enhance his experience in the most enjoyable way possible.

The FTR site is very easy to navigate.  In addition to making music, your child can find beautiful wallpapers, buddy icons, and other safe downloadables.  There is also a variety of games for him to play.  The Frank Town Rocks Site Map is the easiest way for a new member to gain information and find whatever he is looking for on the site.

Although anyone can play on FTR, there are a number of features which require membership.  There are monthly, yearly, and other options for membership.  It is up to the parent to decide whether you want your youngster to utilize a site which encourages him to become a paid member in order to enjoy all of the benefits of Frank Town Rocks.  In addition to encouraging paid membership, the site also has a link to purchase iTunes.  While Frank Town Rocks is a safe site for children, it should be recommended that parents make the decision and discuss this issue with their youngsters prior to allowing them to participate in Frank Town Rocks.