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Rock Music Backgrounds

Are you a webmaster and does your client has a rock and punky website and wants to give it a stronger identity? How about some rock tracks from Metallica? Or something more new-age like Bon Jovi? You must be spinning with truckloads of ideas on the kinds of rock tracks that you plan to use. But hold your horses. Are you supposed to use these tracks? It might be tempting to use these tracks as music backgrounds for your websites, but of course you will have to watch your back for the Police who might be after you for using copyrighted tracks!

If you already have thoughts about using Sweet Child O’ Mine, then I suggest you give it a second thought. It can be pretty tempting to use these classical rock music tracks for websites but doing so will not do you any good. Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.

Illegal downloading is a fad, and everyone is doing it. It is evident from the increase in the number of P2P (peer-to-peer) network websites and not to mention download softwares like Kazaa, Napster and Limewire are everyone’s first download choice when they get a new computer.

So, while your fingers may be itching to include that popular track into your client’s website, think again of the dangerous consequences that you might face upon doing so. If you are really looking for a good rock track for use as background music, how about trying royalty free music? Are you new to this? Well, basically royalty free music are tracks that are not held by any copyright laws. This would mean that as the downloader, you are able to do whatever you wish to the royalty free music that you have downloaded.

You can loop it, edit it, cut it short or do what ever you wish to it and no one is going to hunt you down. You CAN use copyrighted rock songs like the ones from Linkin Park, but then you will have to purchase a license and that will definitely cost you a bomb.

These royalty free rock tracks are freely available off the Net. They come in all forms and varieties. .wav files or .mp3 files, if you want it, you got it. All you need to do is to make a clever little search and keep a look out for those tracks that might sound similar to the rock songs that you have been aiming for.

Do not get so paranoid or too worried if these rock tracks sound cheap and “fake”. You will be surprised to know that some of these tracks are actually composed by well-known music composers and directors. For a cheaper and reasonable price, you can own your very own rock music tracks.

There are a thousand and one things that you can do with these rock tracks. If you are feeling the creative juices oozing out of you, then maybe you can take this opportunity to try and make the best out of these rock tracks by remixing them around with 2 or more tracks and amaze yourself with the end product. Who knows it might sound twice as good as Green Day’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams The Remix.

Using rock music tracks as website backgrounds is an interesting way to attract your visitors to your site. So, hit a nice rock track and dazzle your visitors today.

The Popular Type of Music

Rock music is a well accepted form of music, which is a combination of drums, guitars and bass. This music uses keyboard instruments like piano, synthesisers, organ, etc. There is a band of musicians who focus only on rock music and they are called rock band. Rock music is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Hard rock is specially liked by the western youth.

Today, people are crazy about music. They want to listen their favourite music whenever they have leisure time. Music is created to give you pleasure. The fascinating world of music lets you enjoy music in one form or other. There are various types of music these days: pop music, folk music, jazz music and rock music. All these type of music are enjoyable to hear. The songs take you through different emotions. Rock music is loud and fast than anything you’ve heard before.

In 1960, British and American rock bands became popular. Bands like Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc. are some of the famous bands. In 1980,the genre that was quite popular was glam metal. The various artists like Twisted Sister, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Kiss, Sweet and the New York Dolls were the artists of 1980’s.

This type of music became popular in the 1950s in America and Europe. This famous music is mainly based on older musical styles like the rhythm and blues music originated by African American performers such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The music has a heavy focus on guitar, drums and powerful vocals. The most popular artist of rock music in the early days was Elvis Presley. His dance and powerful music can surprise anyone. “The Beatles” became successful in the 1960’s. This group was inspired by Blues and rhythm.

Rock music is evolving itself and coming in a variety of styles. Other music forms like heavy metal are also a form of rock music. Some of the heavy metal bands include Metallic and Megadeth. Rock music comes in a wide range of forms like soft pop and heavy metal. This “Rock ‘N Roll” type of music became popular in 1950s and 1960s. This new sound came from many musical styles.

In the initial days, this music was admired only in small clubs and on radio. Afterwards, it became famous with the programs like American Bandstand. Then, people could view their favourite bands on the television. Many people criticised about this type of music as they did not like the loud and fast lyrics.

Rock music began with jazz music, blues tunes, etc. It also featured electrically amplified guitars, drummers and harmonicas. By the mid-1950, performers like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Joe Turner became famous with the white audiences. Radio disc jockeys named this music rock ‘n roll.

One of the best musical album, “Sticks and Stones” has everything from fun to catchy guitar riffs. It covers a range of emotions and depicts the depth of their talent. The album grabs attention with the song “Cathedral.”. The catchy rock beat combines with a variety of instrumentation. The title track “Sticks and Stones” is also worth listening. The hard to resist lyrics would make your day. The instrumental track “ZOZ” is a classic jam track with brilliant double guitar interface. Another noteworthy feature of this track is the striking beats. Another beautiful track is “All Roads Lead to Home”. This track shows the fast and catchy style of the band. Lastly, there is a song that most college students can appreciate. “Raise a Glass”, an old Irish folk song has people singing along in the background. The album is a mixture of a broad variety of the music in the history of rock. This rock album is definitely worth listening and deserves a space on your iPod.

You can find a variety of rock music videos online and find the top tracks in the rock music charts. Don’t wait, just browse the internet to get your favourite rock