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The Hollywood Music Scene 1975-1976

Hope all is well and your soul is rested. We are going to talk about Hollywood, CA and the music scene in 1975. I was from Milwaukee, WI, Yes, where Liberace, and Les Paul, and the Violent Femmes are from. I had jammed with Deniel Edwards a fellow Milwaukee mate here in Milwaukee, and it was cool, kick butt and professional. I decided to move to LA and start a Rock’N Roll band with Deniel. I arrived at LAX and he was there to pick me up, after a killer lunch with my parents and Chris Jacobs in Milwaukee. He knew how to get to the Tropicana Hotel on Santa Monica Blvd. That’s where we stayed when I was in the Tongue Band in ’72. I rented a room for a month. I met with Deniel, he introduced me to Jon Hyde and Glenn Hyde, Jon was playing with a group called Detective with Michael De Barres on vocals, I first saw him in “Silverhead” they opened for an English group called “Uriah Heep” he was also in the classic movie “To Sir with Love”, and Michael Monarch was from “Steppenwolf” on guitar, Tony Kaye from “Yes”, Bobby Pickett a monster bass player, and Jon Hyde, he had all the Bonham chops and Robert Palmer chops to the maxx, great feel.

“Evolution of Music”

As time went on Deniel had some problems. After a month Glen and Jon invited me to live there. Ruby Starr had told me Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple wanted to talk to me. I had called him from Milwaukee and he told me he hired Cozey Powell, he said seeing your coming out anyway call me when you get here. I said great, talk to you soon. Finally after all this I was somewhat comfortable in Hollywood I called Ritchie, he said he was having dinner at the Rainbow at 8pm, he said join me, I was there at 8 and so was Ritchie. We talked about music, more music, his new band “Rainbow” and we had a blast just talking about dreams and he wanted a success after leaving “Deep Purple”. Well, I had the huge fried shrimp at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd. I love those shrimps and they still have them, the pizzas are tastey too. I loved the Rainbow then! Tony always took great care of us at the Rainbow. So, we’re having great conversation and in comes Carmine Appice. I love Carmine, an all-time classic rocker and probably in my opinion one of the best drummers in the history of rock. Then Cozy Powell is here, he’s my other idle with his chops on the Jeff Beck Cd’s he did, then Ronnie Dio, golden voice…! Badfinger then comes in, and Jerry and Steve from “Humble Pie” we had the whole 1/2 of the Rainbow , girls, girls and partying! Definitely one of the best nights of my life. Rock ‘n Roll.

For a musician and a group at the time you wanted a record deal. A day or two later after being at the Rainbow, Jon Hyde got word that Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin were signing “Detective’ to Swan Song Records. Bad Co. and Zepplin were both in the Malibu Colony.

Jon was soooooo excited. What a shot. He was walking on water, you would be too. Jon is show shy, yet so sincere and a gentle soul I was so happy for him. Well, more rehearsals at SIR. It’s time to rock. Everything changed, I moved in with my friend Stephan and Jon got his new place and Glenn and Renee got their place. Well, life was great, dreams were coming true, life was so much fun at that time. A group called “Valentino” with Pete Comita was trying to lure Glen away, he stayed with “Detective” and would eventually later Road Manage “Valentino”.

Let’s talk about the Starwood, the Roxy, the Rainbow and Gazzarri’s. It was the wildest days of rock. Detective rocked the Starwood, Arthur Kane from the New York Dolls had Blackie, Rush played their debut album there. I had met a friend named Hernando Courtright at the Starwood and he and some girls would come over and party at my apt. We always had fun and he was very sincere. So Hernando and I became the best of friends & party brothers, platforms, Bowie, girls were our life at the time. Danny who went on to the Rembrandts-Friends was also hanging out. Jon and Michael, Glen, from Detective were all close by, West Hollywood was a fun place to be. A month after I had known Hernando, he said well come over to my house and I said cool. He said come to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, then come to 909. I said Warren Beatty lives in the penthouse doesn’t he? He said yeah. So I went and we listened to music (Be-Bop Deluxe, Queen, etc)and had a blast. I asked him why he lives in a hotel and he said my father owns it. Hernando was blessed being part of the Beverly Hills history. I’m glad I didn’t know about this until I knew him for awhile for, I think that’s why we are still friends, I didn’t like him for what he had. I didn’t even know and we loved to hang. We’d take the limos out to see Aerosmith, 10 CC, and many shows…I love Ya Bud…!

So any way back to the music scene. We saw Paul Kossoff from”Free” play with”Back Street Crawler” he died on his flight back to London. We saw everyone at that time at the Starwood. Hernando knew Randy Rhoads very well, when he was in “Quiet Riot” we went to rehearsals. Randy went on to play with OZZY , we were so happy for him, and he died in a plane crash in Orlando years later. Everyone knew Randy was going to make it. We saw a lot of bands. “Cheap Trick” just got their deal and played the Starwood. People were playing Gazzarris too. The newest band on the scene were called “Van Halen” I saw them at the Starwood alot. Gary managed the club and we were friend since ’72 when he hired “Tongue”. One time a group called “Wolfgang” who would later become “Autograph” opened the show for this new group “Van Halen”. “Van Halen” wore jump suits and moved the gear in and then get dressed for the show. So all of you young guys out there in 2007 move the gear and shut-up….pay your dues we have all had to. I’m serious! They rocked, and David did a kick rap.

The band got quiet and David told us about a poker game and someone trying to rip him off, won’t give David the money he is owed, and he said ” Don’t Make Me Wake Up Joe” he still won’t pay, so David said “Meet Joe” it was a 357 and the band came back in with the fury, it was funny. Detective was rehearsing to go out on the next “Kiss”, tour the biggest one ever. I moved back to Milwaukee and went to Montreal. Hernando and Jackie Fox from “the Runaways” got together and I loved Joan Jett. Hernando and I had so much fun and we are still friends today. You have to love that. I hope you all have a handful of close friends. Deniel and I just didn’t gel, I don’t know what ever happened to him or Glenn Hyde. I know Jon from Detective is a trainer-vegetarian-a man helping people live properly/God bless you Jon. He also lived with Renee Russo the model for awhile, don’t forget Jon is a monster drummer so if you hare of Jon playing the blues and funk-Go see him. Life was changing again and time to hold on….! These were definitely some of the best days of my life…! I met some wonderful people, God bless you all! We were having way too much fun. Health and Happiness…

Frank Town Rocks Review

If making music and making new friends summarizes your child’s interests, Frank Town Rocks is an online virtual world for kids where he can do both.  To address the parent’s main concern, FTR is a safe place where your youngster can interact with other children and have loads of fun.

Frank Town Rocks does not require any installations, and is completely free.  The site also has a very strict anti-bullying policy, so your child will know that he is in a good place where the focus is on having a good time and meeting new friends.  There are chat and mail features for your child to interact with other FTR members.

While your youngster is likely to be more focused on how much fun Frank Town Rocks is, it is also an educational experience.  One of the main purposes of FTR is help children to see how much they can gain from learning about music and playing musical instruments.  Whether your child has music education in his school or not, this virtual world for kids will enhance his experience in the most enjoyable way possible.

The FTR site is very easy to navigate.  In addition to making music, your child can find beautiful wallpapers, buddy icons, and other safe downloadables.  There is also a variety of games for him to play.  The Frank Town Rocks Site Map is the easiest way for a new member to gain information and find whatever he is looking for on the site.

Although anyone can play on FTR, there are a number of features which require membership.  There are monthly, yearly, and other options for membership.  It is up to the parent to decide whether you want your youngster to utilize a site which encourages him to become a paid member in order to enjoy all of the benefits of Frank Town Rocks.  In addition to encouraging paid membership, the site also has a link to purchase iTunes.  While Frank Town Rocks is a safe site for children, it should be recommended that parents make the decision and discuss this issue with their youngsters prior to allowing them to participate in Frank Town Rocks.

Writing a Rock Song


It is unarguable that rock music is one of the popular music genres in the world. There are a lot of people who try their best to writing a rock song when they have caught inspiration from listening to renowned rock artists.

In writing a rock song there are several approaches. A lot of writers employ the simple verse-chorus approach. Yet others use variations where a bridge and additional verse and chorus are added. This pattern is employed when a song is not long enough and needs an additional verse to make it conclude well.

Have you realized most rock songs do not exceed five minutes in length? That’s what has been found to be popular among rock lovers. You want to keep the length within 5 minutes while having a catchy but simple melody. One great way to learn more about writing a rock song is to study rock music guides out there. These guides are written by rock music critics and enthusiasts to add to the knowledge base of people seeking info about rock music and songs.

So what can you possibly write songs about? Many rock songwriters write lyrics about events that have happened in their own lives in as a way to expressing their emotions to their audience who may be going through similar experiences. But the one thing you can always write rock songs about is love and relationships. Every person in life has their own love issues – both old and young. Writing a rock song on this subject will get your listeners to become emotionally attached to the song because they can easily relate with it.

Your lyrics must however follow a particular pattern – like having the lines of each verse being equal. One thing you should do is to ensure that your melody lines could easily be used in the song’s chorus. This technique is known as “hook’. It’s a great way to make your music catchy.

The success of writing a rock song in highly dependent on how catchy the tunes or melody is and how simple your lyrics are plus how it relates well with your potential audience. This calls for creativity. You need to use your imagination to paint a clear picture to allow you to tell a story that your audience can easily relate with.

Music Enhances Intelligence

There are many myths in the world today, both proven and unproven. The most common of myths are generated by parents or grandparents to keep the children disciplined or in line. Myths tend to stem from make believe stories too, often believed by the youngest of children, or simply those who are too naive to see the truth. Music also holds different types of myth. There myths and legends about haunted guitars, or myths about famous music artists dying at roughly the same age, such as Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the very latest artist to add to the list, Amy Winehouse. They all died at the same age of 27, and they were all famous for being hugely talented with lives cut tragically short. There are also other myths involving music, such as music will help you become smarter.

Music influences a lot of our emotions, especially the basic emotions of sadness, happiness and anger. Happiness can be increased through listening to upbeat and happier songs. While listening to slower sadder songs can often make you cry, or cry harder as the case may be. Anger is also an emotion that can be enhanced through music. One of the most common forms of music that enhances this is rock or metal music. Rock can be said to be the father of metal music, where metal was formed from rock itself. Metal is harder, but both metal and rock can ignite or add fuel to one’s anger, or release it as the case may be. All these emotions however prove one thing about music, it is a great stress reliever. However, it is almost far fetched for some to believe that music can enhance one’s intelligence. Or, is it?

The Mozart Effect is an activity done to increase human intelligence. It is called Mozart Effect because the music used for this test is Mozart’s Sonata. Most of Mozart Effect research has been conducted on college undergraduates and has statistically been proven to increase their IQ levels to 8-9 points with the increase lasting for 10-15 minutes after listening for 10 minutes. Some news even claimed that Mozart’s music improves a baby’s intelligence. Although there are no tests conducted yet which prove that music influences an infant’s intelligence. Studies have shown that music students received more academic honors and awards than non-music students. Another study reported that music lessons for kids help make their minds sharper as they grow and mature.

For the unborn, there are also studies showing the ability of a fetus to hear sounds while in utero. Babies respond with an increase in heart rate and other physiologic indicators. Many studies have reported that a positive sign the fetus has been stimulated by music is indicated by a change in heart rate. The exposure to music in the prenatal period increases attention of newborns, more sound imitation and earlier vocalization. The fetus hears its mother’s voice mostly, as well as it’s mother’s breathing and her other internal sounds. This is why new born babies prefer to hear its mother’s voice because a mother’s voice is literally music to a child’s ears. Thus, singing along with music while your child is yet unborn will have some positive benefits at birth.

Some scientist don’t agree with the theory that an increase in heart rate signals a positive response in the fetus. It could be that the increase in heart rate of a fetus signals that a baby is not comfortable with the sound. Of course not all kinds of music can be played for an infant. The baby does respond to what he or she hears. Expectant mothers should carefully choose which music her baby should hear. Classical music and nature sounds could be soothing for the baby while loud ones may not be as pleasing.

Again, there is still no concrete proof that listening to music definitely enhances the fetuses intelligence. However, classical music stimulates different areas of the brain, which stimulates better connections in the brain. The hypothesis says that the increase in connectors will result in enhanced memory. Multiple studies have shown that babies recognize the sounds or music they hear during pregnancy. It is very important that the mother is relaxed and comfortable as the baby is affected by the mother’s emotions. Soothing music helps the mother and the baby to relax, while loud music disturbs the mother and startles the baby.

What are some good musical choices for your unborn child? Choose soothing classical, light rock, blues or any other genera you truly enjoy. The choice is yours, but be aware that your unborn child very well may be listening!