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What Rock Scales Are Recommended

Rock scales are very important for guitar players, they are the foundation of any rock guitar solo embellishing a song by adding flavor and melody. They are the bread and butter of any guitar lesson on the subject.

The pentatonic scale

If there is one type of scale that may be able to bring together all sub genres of rock music, that should be the pentatonic scales. Pentatonic scales are very common in blues songs, which is why they represent an important part for rock music, as well.

These scales are especially used in guitar solos and riffs, which is why they are so common. If you are looking for a way to start learning rock scales, starting with the pentatonic would be the way to go.

The natural minor scale

Blending quite harmoniously with the pentatonic, the natural minor scale is a must learn for any guitar player loving rock music. Even when used alone, this scale has a great effect, as it makes rock songs sound more symphonic. You have probably heard about famous rock symphonies, and you should know that the natural minor scale is heavily used for making these pieces sound the way they do.

The Phrygian scale

If you want to lend a certain flavor to your rock pieces, a good idea would be to try introducing some Phrygian scales into the mix. Used especially for clean passages in rock songs, they give them a certain Spanish inspired flavor that makes them sound quite unique.

The Locrian scale

In case the type of rock music you enjoy playing is darker and more mysterious, you should learn how to play Locrian scales on your guitar. These scales flatten the second and the fifth intervals, making the sounds emitted by your guitar to sound darker, and even downright evil. Depending on the rock subgenre you are into, you can choose between various scales and use them in your songs.

Most common rock scales

If you are just beginning as a guitar player, and rock is your thing, you should start with the most common rock scales. As you may already suspect by now, they are stemmed of blues music, and they deliver certain types of sounds. For instance, you should take into consideration that the minor pentatonic scale is often preferred to the major variation because of its more emotional sound. The use of major pentatonic is allowed, as well, but it is not as common.

Pop Music Hits

Pop music hits over the generations has really changed immensely and no more so than in the last five years. Throughout the evolution of popular music up until the last 20 years pop music usually encompassed only one genre of music. Take into consideration Baroque, Renaissance, and Classical music. The music was by different composers but stayed well within the same type of musical category. When recorded music came onto the scene and began being broadcasted over radio waves the transmission of pop music hits became different but not it overall mandate which was that it still retained its origin in one type of music.

Think about the advent of jazz during the early part of the 20th century. Jazz was prevalent for a while as the main type of pop music. Anything you heard would have a jazz feel to it. We’re talking pop jazz here not the blues, the blues although popular amongst musicians themselves were more of an influential genre than a popular one. Then of course there was rock and roll which really dominated the pop music hit culture until the advent of Motown and R&B music.

Rock and roll and R&B dominated pop music until Disco came along and then to a small extent country music gained some popularity as a main stream genre. The 70’s was a mixed bag of rock, R&B, ballads and country music, mixed in with a little kitsch. Remember, CW McCall? Rock and R&B still dominated though showing its resilience right up until the late 1980’s when Rap came onto the scene. The mix of pop music hits began to change a bit. Rock and roll was being knocked out a bit by Rap and R&B and was no longer the dominant force in pop.

Today, pop music hits has become an amalgamation of all the music genres. You can have a country song, R&B song, and Rap songs all on one pop chart. Indeed, even radio stations have changed around their formats to be more ubiquitous and less focused on only one kind of music. The influences are all still there thanks to rock and roll but the cadence and tunes themselves have changed and transmogrified into the mix of pop music we have adopted in the last five years. Like everything pop music has progressed and expanded exponentially in the 21st century most of which has occurred just in the last five years.

Rock Music Backgrounds

Are you a webmaster and does your client has a rock and punky website and wants to give it a stronger identity? How about some rock tracks from Metallica? Or something more new-age like Bon Jovi? You must be spinning with truckloads of ideas on the kinds of rock tracks that you plan to use. But hold your horses. Are you supposed to use these tracks? It might be tempting to use these tracks as music backgrounds for your websites, but of course you will have to watch your back for the Police who might be after you for using copyrighted tracks!

If you already have thoughts about using Sweet Child O’ Mine, then I suggest you give it a second thought. It can be pretty tempting to use these classical rock music tracks for websites but doing so will not do you any good. Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.

Illegal downloading is a fad, and everyone is doing it. It is evident from the increase in the number of P2P (peer-to-peer) network websites and not to mention download softwares like Kazaa, Napster and Limewire are everyone’s first download choice when they get a new computer.

So, while your fingers may be itching to include that popular track into your client’s website, think again of the dangerous consequences that you might face upon doing so. If you are really looking for a good rock track for use as background music, how about trying royalty free music? Are you new to this? Well, basically royalty free music are tracks that are not held by any copyright laws. This would mean that as the downloader, you are able to do whatever you wish to the royalty free music that you have downloaded.

You can loop it, edit it, cut it short or do what ever you wish to it and no one is going to hunt you down. You CAN use copyrighted rock songs like the ones from Linkin Park, but then you will have to purchase a license and that will definitely cost you a bomb.

These royalty free rock tracks are freely available off the Net. They come in all forms and varieties. .wav files or .mp3 files, if you want it, you got it. All you need to do is to make a clever little search and keep a look out for those tracks that might sound similar to the rock songs that you have been aiming for.

Do not get so paranoid or too worried if these rock tracks sound cheap and “fake”. You will be surprised to know that some of these tracks are actually composed by well-known music composers and directors. For a cheaper and reasonable price, you can own your very own rock music tracks.

There are a thousand and one things that you can do with these rock tracks. If you are feeling the creative juices oozing out of you, then maybe you can take this opportunity to try and make the best out of these rock tracks by remixing them around with 2 or more tracks and amaze yourself with the end product. Who knows it might sound twice as good as Green Day’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams The Remix.

Using rock music tracks as website backgrounds is an interesting way to attract your visitors to your site. So, hit a nice rock track and dazzle your visitors today.

How to Buy Rock Music Legally

It is very easy to buy rock music nowadays. This does not pertain to purchasing CDs, for this is all about buying rock music online. The Internet has definitely become one of the most reliable sources when it comes to searching for all sorts of products, even music.

As much as the professionals in the music industry hate to admit, it actually makes sense to buy rock music online. In any music CD, there are times when there would be just two or three songs that you like on the record. Getting the whole record would just incur more expenses on your part. Thus, it would be so much better to just buy the songs that you want from websites that offer this service.

It is not difficult to find websites offering such a service at all. In fact, you can just perform a search for these websites on any search engine, and you will surely find a plethora of websites for your listening pleasure.

If you do not find the idea of buying music online as a new one, then you surely must have heard of that racket of buying songs for 99 cents a piece not too long ago. This service did garner much popularity; however, the same degree of popularity just does not exist today. With the advent of MP3s and such, this option no longer holds well with music fans all over the world. This brings us to latest racket in purchasing rock music, which are the paid membership sites.

These are the websites that allow you to download rock music to your heart’s content. However, you would have to pay a monthly membership fee to have unlimited access to their vast collection of music files. Best of all, this is a legal service, so you won’t have to worry about violating any music infringement policies anymore.

Do not be put off by the fact that this service comes with a fee because you also get protection from viruses and other forms of malware just lurking all over the web. Thus, your PC enjoys full protection at these sites.

The better option is still to purchase rock music from sites that offer paid membership services.