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The Roots of Rock and Roll

Every fan of rock and roll needs a history lesson in order to appreciate why rock music is what it is today. While its origins probably date back decades and decades ago, the 50’s is a very good place to start our understanding of this kind of music.

Rock and roll was said to be first used by a DJ named Alan Freed, taken from the song “My Baby Rocks me with a Steady Roll.” Rock and roll is a form of popular music originating in the United States in the 1950’s. Its style started as rhythm and blues, but is identifiable by the use of electric guitars, interesting lyrics (put in simple phrase structures), and a strong rhythm. It also incorporates various musical styles such as country music and gospel.

Among the pioneers of rock music are these artists: Bill Haley and His Comets, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly.

Bill Haley and His Comets came out with the song “Rock Around the Clock” in 1954, and was an instant hit to the kids across America and England who finally found a fast-paced song to dance to (or “rock out” to). This they did non-stop until 1955. The song became the best-selling record of the year, and is now considered the seminal rock and roll song.

In 1955, Elvis Presley recorded and released his breakout hits, “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.” These songs, of course will go down in history as classic rock music (although more bluesy than other songs in this genre during that time), and Elvis, will ascend as the King of Rock and Roll.

Then, there is also Jerry Lee Lewis, with his hit “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, released in 1957. He invented a style which infused his trademark single chord, piano solo. Buddy Holly, with his smash hit, “Peggy Sue” took over the airwaves with a song about a girl-the quintessential girl of the fifties, with her innocent smile and cute pigtails. Peggy Sue, however, never ages. The song is among the most memorable hits of the era.

The fifties was truly a great era for rock music. While it did not contain any social and political themes, or electrifying guitar solos, which identified rock music that came out years later, its energy and originality win us over. We now call them “oldies”, music that ushered in a more contemporary, and more gritty (less bluesy) kind of music. Still, the fifties was definitely fabulous.

An Ideal Music Choice For the Work Place

Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone in one way or another. The melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and words blend together to create emotional connections, and music uses emotional connections to share experiences among people, regardless of their backgrounds.

One of the wonderful things about music is the variety it offers to people. Nearly everyone can find some type of music that speaks to them, and that they can sing with in the car. Music is a part of many people’s souls, and it’s something that no matter what their background or experiences, can evoke emotional responses. Music brings people together through shared experiences, but it still allows people to be individuals. And though many people have many different tastes in music, classic rock can speak to anyone, making it an ideal genre of music to play in a work environment.

Classic rock radio stations play a wide assortment of music that falls within the general category of “classic rock.” Those who prefer ballads will hear them played, those who prefer more upbeat songs will hear them played, too. This means there’s a much higher chance that everyone will like one or more songs that are played, putting employees in a better mood, and leading them to be more productive during the day.

Another advantage to using classic rock to play in the work place is that the songs lyrics are typically “work safe.” That is, the lyrics don’t contain words or themes that people might find offensive, which can become a source of frustration when dealing with music in the work place. This increases the chance that more people will enjoy the music. It may not be their favorite, but they’ll be more open to enjoying music they know won’t be offensive to them.

Classic rock is a great style of music to play in a work environment. The variety of music within the category of classic rock means more people will find something they enjoy, and the lyrics and themes are “work safe,” which helps prevent people from being offended if they hear it at work.

Basic Rock Guitar Course

Rock guitar playing is the most phenomenal guitar art being followed by many people, especially teenagers. Thus, knowing the best of guitar will help you in realizing the best of things that can keep you going in bands and concerts.

There are courses that you can get for you to be able to learn the best of rock guitar playing. These courses are offered by music centers that are near your place. Most bands are also giving rock guitar courses for people to follow and for people to grab the chance in learning the subject well.

You can also grab a chance to open online sites to get basic rock guitar course online. These sites are offering the best of the best by giving videos and soundtracks that you can follow through as your guide in learning rock guitar well. Some sites are offering basic rock guitar course with fees but trust me, they worth any penny you pay.

Here are some of the matters that you can learn out of the basic rock guitar course:

1. Basic Guitar. You need to teach the subjects that duly surround basic guitar. There are several aspects that you should carefully outline as your desire to get the best of the guitar art and experience the way of learning for the best.

It will be your foundation as you go on with the things in guitar. The basic guitar learning you have will be the best tool that will help you in further improvement.

2. Basic Rock Music. Rock music has special aspects that you need to learn as you progress in learning things well. You need to have the right section of guitar art in rock music that will set forth your best ability in rock music.

3. Guitar in rock music. As you learn things, you will have the best of getting the right pattern that you can play for you to get the learning of rock music. It is very important that you know the things that will help you in making new waves in rock music.

As you learn all these things which are having great importance in your everyday movement for the best of the rock music, you will also advance in the creation of far better things which will improve your ways in getting the best for the band.

You can also get guitar lessons out from e-books that are out in the market. It will be your handbook in learning the best of the rock guitar. Moreover, as you take your level of learning out of rock guitar courses, you also need actual people to help you in reaching perfection for your ability.

Punk Rock Music History

The widespread of rock and punk songs across the world is not as rapid as pop genre but they’re truly controversially known as widely listened by funky and wacky teenagers and liberated crowds. You may have heard of groups called Fallout Boy and Metallica. They’re just two of the many contemporary rock artists and bands that pave way for liberation and loudness in terms of music. The earlier bands to be known are Sex Pistols and the Scientists. Following a proto-punk genre in the late 1960’s, the punk rock music history kicked off when Ramones Band led the way in said genre.

Rebellion, liberation and victory are the usual themes of punk and rock tunes. Back in the 70’s, punk rock music history revealed that the masses never really appreciated the roughness of instrumentals and politically controversial approach of punk rock. In the United Kingdom, early punk bands failed to win the hearts of song fanatics. They didn’t establish mainstream success quite easily not until the late 90’s due to the emergence of alternative rock tunes. Delusions, depressions and harsh revelations are reflected in the lyrics of punk rock, which is why only certain groups of individuals could adhere to this line of sounds.

As accounted in punk rock music history, the commencements of liberated songs were frequently debated between fanatics of ballads and lovers of alternative rock. There have been varying opinions about punk rock. Some say that they are garage tunes, which actually started when the band called Sonics played without defined musicals, no instrumental standards and lack of music rules. More bands like MC5, Velvet Underground and Stooges made their debut in the late 1960’s, and they created a more controversial and vulgar image for the punk rock genre. New York Dolls and David and Bowie delivered influential inspirations of rock and roll that’s largely outrageous and far different from the approach that Elvis Presley established long before they launched their music.

At the beginning of 1990’s, there surfaced to be a punk revival of a few bands that didn’t quite had a good start 30 decades back. The format of punk rock music is usually straightforward and realistic depicting crime issues, government agenda, social ills and other societal struggles. In punk rock music history, Iggy Pop was deemed to be the godfather of punk music. It was apparent that revolutionary scene of music in the 1970’s paved way to the distinctiveness of fashion and music style of rockers and punk artists which have their certain niche of followers. Such certain punk look is exemplified in leather jeans and jackets, darkened eyelids, long polished nails and sporty get-up has remained to be apparent among famous punk artists of today’s generation.