The Hollywood Music Scene 1975-1976

Hope all is well and your soul is rested. We are going to talk about Hollywood, CA and the music scene in 1975. I was from Milwaukee, WI, Yes, where Liberace, and Les Paul, and the Violent Femmes are from. I had jammed with Deniel Edwards a fellow Milwaukee mate here in Milwaukee, and it was cool, kick butt and professional. I decided to move to LA and start a Rock’N Roll band with Deniel. I arrived at LAX and he was there to pick me up, after a killer lunch with my parents and Chris Jacobs in Milwaukee. He knew how to get to the Tropicana Hotel on Santa Monica Blvd. That’s where we stayed when I was in the Tongue Band in ’72. I rented a room for a month. I met with Deniel, he introduced me to Jon Hyde and Glenn Hyde, Jon was playing with a group called Detective with Michael De Barres on vocals, I first saw him in “Silverhead” they opened for an English group called “Uriah Heep” he was also in the classic movie “To Sir with Love”, and Michael Monarch

The Roots of Rock and Roll

Every fan of rock and roll needs a history lesson in order to appreciate why rock music is what it is today. While its origins probably date back decades and decades ago, the 50’s is a very good place to start our understanding of this kind of music.

Rock and roll was said to be first used by a DJ named Alan Freed, taken from the song “My Baby Rocks me with a Steady Roll.” Rock and roll is a form of popular music originating in the United States in the 1950’s. Its style started as rhythm and blues, but is identifiable by the use of electric guitars, interesting lyrics (put in simple phrase structures), and a strong rhythm. It also incorporates various musical styles such as country music and gospel.

Among the pioneers of rock music are these artists: Bill Haley and His Comets, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly.

Bill Haley and His Comets came out with the song “Rock Around the Clock” in

Indie Rock Bands

There was a time not too awfully long ago that when you would hear anything about indie rock bands, I would get a mental picture of skinny guys with half long hair and beards that aren’t yet matured, wearing suit coats made of corduroy. I’ve been active in music for many years now so I know from experience that they often seemed to be writing music that if you asked them, they would tell you it sounded like “Soundgarden meets the Phantom of the Opera” or some other comparison that for guys like myself just could not get our heads around. You see, I liked hard rock music, some alternative, some metal, etc, but all of these styles had specific names and as a result I had a pretty good idea of what to expect when some one said they played hard rock. The earlier description is just a little difficult to imagine for me.

TGGG Prochain concert”

As I said above, I’ve been a musician for a very long

Frank Town Rocks Review

If making music and making new friends summarizes your child’s interests, Frank Town Rocks is an online virtual world for kids where he can do both.  To address the parent’s main concern, FTR is a safe place where your youngster can interact with other children and have loads of fun.

Frank Town Rocks does not require any installations, and is completely free.  The site also has a very strict anti-bullying policy, so your child will know that he is in a good place where the focus is on having a good time and meeting new friends.  There are chat and mail features for your child to interact with other FTR members.

While your youngster is likely to be more focused on how much fun Frank Town Rocks is, it is also an educational experience.  One of the main purposes of FTR is help children to see how much they can gain from learning about music and playing musical instruments.  Whether your child has music education in his school or not, this virtual world for kids will enhance his experience in the most enjoyable way possible.


Writing a Rock Song


It is unarguable that rock music is one of the popular music genres in the world. There are a lot of people who try their best to writing a rock song when they have caught inspiration from listening to renowned rock artists.

In writing a rock song there are several approaches. A lot of writers employ the simple verse-chorus approach. Yet others use variations where a bridge and additional verse and chorus are added. This pattern is employed when a song is not long enough and needs an additional verse to make it conclude well.

Have you realized most rock songs do not exceed five minutes in length? That’s what has been found to be popular among rock lovers. You want to keep the length within 5 minutes while having a catchy but simple melody. One great way to learn more about writing a rock song is to study rock music guides out there. These guides are written by rock music critics and enthusiasts to add to the knowledge base of people seeking info about rock music and songs.

So what can you possibly write songs about?

Music Enhances Intelligence

There are many myths in the world today, both proven and unproven. The most common of myths are generated by parents or grandparents to keep the children disciplined or in line. Myths tend to stem from make believe stories too, often believed by the youngest of children, or simply those who are too naive to see the truth. Music also holds different types of myth. There myths and legends about haunted guitars, or myths about famous music artists dying at roughly the same age, such as Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the very latest artist to add to the list, Amy Winehouse. They all died at the same age of 27, and they were all famous for being hugely talented with lives cut tragically short. There are also other myths involving music, such as music will help you become smarter.

Music influences a lot of our emotions, especially the basic emotions of sadness, happiness and anger. Happiness can be increased through listening to upbeat and happier songs. While listening to slower sadder songs can often make you cry, or cry harder as the case may be. Anger is also

What Rock Scales Are Recommended

Rock scales are very important for guitar players, they are the foundation of any rock guitar solo embellishing a song by adding flavor and melody. They are the bread and butter of any guitar lesson on the subject.

The pentatonic scale

If there is one type of scale that may be able to bring together all sub genres of rock music, that should be the pentatonic scales. Pentatonic scales are very common in blues songs, which is why they represent an important part for rock music, as well.

These scales are especially used in guitar solos and riffs, which is why they are so common. If you are looking for a way to start learning rock scales, starting with the pentatonic would be the way to go.

The natural minor scale

Blending quite harmoniously with the pentatonic, the natural minor scale is a must learn for any guitar player loving rock music. Even when used alone, this scale has a great effect, as it makes rock songs sound more symphonic. You have probably heard about famous rock symphonies, and you should

Pop Music Hits

Pop music hits over the generations has really changed immensely and no more so than in the last five years. Throughout the evolution of popular music up until the last 20 years pop music usually encompassed only one genre of music. Take into consideration Baroque, Renaissance, and Classical music. The music was by different composers but stayed well within the same type of musical category. When recorded music came onto the scene and began being broadcasted over radio waves the transmission of pop music hits became different but not it overall mandate which was that it still retained its origin in one type of music.

Think about the advent of jazz during the early part of the 20th century. Jazz was prevalent for a while as the main type of pop music. Anything you heard would have a jazz feel to it. We’re talking pop jazz here not the blues, the blues although popular amongst musicians themselves were more of an influential genre than a popular one. Then of course there was rock and roll which really dominated the pop music hit culture until the advent of Motown and R&B music.

Rock Music Backgrounds

Are you a webmaster and does your client has a rock and punky website and wants to give it a stronger identity? How about some rock tracks from Metallica? Or something more new-age like Bon Jovi? You must be spinning with truckloads of ideas on the kinds of rock tracks that you plan to use. But hold your horses. Are you supposed to use these tracks? It might be tempting to use these tracks as music backgrounds for your websites, but of course you will have to watch your back for the Police who might be after you for using copyrighted tracks!

If you already have thoughts about using Sweet Child O’ Mine, then I suggest you give it a second thought. It can be pretty tempting to use these classical rock music tracks for websites but doing so will not do you any good. Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.

Illegal downloading is a fad, and everyone is doing it. It is evident from the increase in the number of P2P (peer-to-peer) network websites and not to mention download softwares like Kazaa, Napster and Limewire are everyone’s

How to Buy Rock Music Legally

It is very easy to buy rock music nowadays. This does not pertain to purchasing CDs, for this is all about buying rock music online. The Internet has definitely become one of the most reliable sources when it comes to searching for all sorts of products, even music.

As much as the professionals in the music industry hate to admit, it actually makes sense to buy rock music online. In any music CD, there are times when there would be just two or three songs that you like on the record. Getting the whole record would just incur more expenses on your part. Thus, it would be so much better to just buy the songs that you want from websites that offer this service.

It is not difficult to find websites offering such a service at all. In fact, you can just perform a search for these websites on any search engine, and you will surely find a plethora of websites for your listening pleasure.

If you do not find the idea of buying music online as a new one, then you surely must have heard of

Full Fledged Review of Rock

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal had this to say about Rock On Movie “It is a new age emotional film which has the youth as the target audience but has universal emotions which everyone can relate to”. He is bang on target. Rock on is a rocking movie, a flick that can attain cult status which Dil Chahta Hai has achieved since many years. It is a welcome sight to see two good movies(whatever be the box office status): Mumbai Meri Jaan and Rock On!! in quick successions.

The story:

The screenplay and treatment of Rock On is similar to Dil Chahta Hai(will have a post about the similarities between the two flicks shortly). The story zooms between the past and present quite like Dil Chahta Hai, about how four friends were one part of an energetic, enterprising rock group Magic, and how the band split due to a bitter experience. The four, Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar), Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal), Rob Nancy (Luke Kenny), and Killer Drumer(Purab Kohli) are now in their respective fields, not too happy with whatever they are doing.

Farhan Akhtar is an investment

Evolution of Music

Music has been evolving since its creation. This evolution of music has led to a vast variety of music that all people can enjoy. Artists who make good music, are praised and revered for their talents, and recently this has lead to many aspiring musicians who want to acquire fame and fortune through their music. In the United States music in constantly evolving, and in recent years this evolution of music has sped up to a very fast rate. Music has evolved for many reasons including, improved technology, and change in culture, and a desire to create something new.

Primarily change in music has been related to the culture. During the Middle Ages music everyday music was located in two places, the church and the tavern. This was not a good atmosphere for good music to bloom. However during the Baroque period, 1600-1750, wealthy people began to hire musicians to compose music for them. These patrons would pay the musicians to compose and play music for the patrons enjoyment, and for entertainment at his or her parties. Music did not change very much in Europe for a long time. In America music was

The Modern Sleaze Rock Epidemic

Since the decline of the hedonistic 80’s Glam Metal era, Rock and Roll seemed to have been on a long-term hiatus with Grunge effectively dominating the modern rock scene. However, since the early 2000’s Glam Metal seems to be making a comeback within the underground rock community, mostly erupting out of Sweden. This new movement is referred to as sleaze rock, and today there are many sleaze bands popping out from all around the world (although Sweden and Finland seem to be the most prominent). For the most part, these bands seem to have a unanimously positive response from their internet fan base, most of whom are well aware of their 80’s Glam Metal predecessors. Although many online fans make the claim that “Rock is back” or “These guys are bringing back Glam Metal”, are these modern sleaze metal bands really giving Glam Metal a good name? Of course, good and bad are subjective to personal opinion so I do not claim that my opinion is absolute.

First, lets take a look at some of the 80’s glam metal bands and consider the influences found in their music. Glam Metal was a very

The History of Rock Music

During the fifties and later, vital, energetic, and rebellious youth produced their own music in contrast to traditional music, becoming a target for censors and conservatism. When I saw this book with an Elvis-like drawing on its cover, I had to pick it up, because it reminded me of the times when most of us in my generation were, musically speaking, in love with Elvis and his successors.

The type of music called rock music sprung up from peacetime America but was adopted by the youth through the entire world. Although it started as an act of a rebellion, rock music became the governing music form for the next few decades, eventually turning into a customary music genre and leaving its throne of rebellion to other types of music. Rock music involves a vocal melody accompanied by musical instruments such as guitars, drums, and keyboard instruments.

When rhythm and blues met country music, rock music was born. The book, “The History of Rock Music,” gives this type of historical information alongside with the biographies of and information about famous rock stars who determined and shaped the course of rock music

An Ideal Music Choice For the Work Place

Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone in one way or another. The melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and words blend together to create emotional connections, and music uses emotional connections to share experiences among people, regardless of their backgrounds.

One of the wonderful things about music is the variety it offers to people. Nearly everyone can find some type of music that speaks to them, and that they can sing with in the car. Music is a part of many people’s souls, and it’s something that no matter what their background or experiences, can evoke emotional responses. Music brings people together through shared experiences, but it still allows people to be individuals. And though many people have many different tastes in music, classic rock can speak to anyone, making it an ideal genre of music to play in a work environment.

Classic rock radio stations play a wide assortment of music that falls within the general category of “classic rock.” Those who prefer ballads will hear them played, those who prefer more upbeat songs will hear them played, too. This means there’s a much higher chance that everyone will

Basic Rock Guitar Course

Rock guitar playing is the most phenomenal guitar art being followed by many people, especially teenagers. Thus, knowing the best of guitar will help you in realizing the best of things that can keep you going in bands and concerts.

There are courses that you can get for you to be able to learn the best of rock guitar playing. These courses are offered by music centers that are near your place. Most bands are also giving rock guitar courses for people to follow and for people to grab the chance in learning the subject well.

You can also grab a chance to open online sites to get basic rock guitar course online. These sites are offering the best of the best by giving videos and soundtracks that you can follow through as your guide in learning rock guitar well. Some sites are offering basic rock guitar course with fees but trust me, they worth any penny you pay.

Here are some of the matters that you can learn out of the basic rock guitar course:

1. Basic Guitar. You need to teach the

Punk Rock Music History

The widespread of rock and punk songs across the world is not as rapid as pop genre but they’re truly controversially known as widely listened by funky and wacky teenagers and liberated crowds. You may have heard of groups called Fallout Boy and Metallica. They’re just two of the many contemporary rock artists and bands that pave way for liberation and loudness in terms of music. The earlier bands to be known are Sex Pistols and the Scientists. Following a proto-punk genre in the late 1960’s, the punk rock music history kicked off when Ramones Band led the way in said genre.

Rebellion, liberation and victory are the usual themes of punk and rock tunes. Back in the 70’s, punk rock music history revealed that the masses never really appreciated the roughness of instrumentals and politically controversial approach of punk rock. In the United Kingdom, early punk bands failed to win the hearts of song fanatics. They didn’t establish mainstream success quite easily not until the late 90’s due to the emergence of alternative rock tunes. Delusions, depressions and harsh revelations are reflected in the lyrics of punk rock, which is why only

What Music Theory You Need to Know to Play

Playing in a Rock Band was always an interesting experience for me. I am a drummer, and I played in a wide variety of different bands – from hard Rock through to soft pop, blues and even Jazz (well I was pretty bad at that, but if needed I could fill in).

I came from a classical music background – my mother made me play piano as a young child, and I went on to study classical percussion at University, so I never really had one of the issues that most drummers face: Problems reading music.

It was always interesting playing in Rock Bands with other musicians who often couldn’t read any music. They had a great way of communicating with each other – they could start playing a song and the other musicians would just “pick it up” by ear. This was something I always struggled with.

Admittedly I’m a pretty average guitar or bass player, but if I was taught the chords or a riff I can certainly play it. With it written down on paper I’d have no trouble learning it, however I just

The Popular Type of Music

Rock music is a well accepted form of music, which is a combination of drums, guitars and bass. This music uses keyboard instruments like piano, synthesisers, organ, etc. There is a band of musicians who focus only on rock music and they are called rock band. Rock music is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Hard rock is specially liked by the western youth.

Today, people are crazy about music. They want to listen their favourite music whenever they have leisure time. Music is created to give you pleasure. The fascinating world of music lets you enjoy music in one form or other. There are various types of music these days: pop music, folk music, jazz music and rock music. All these type of music are enjoyable to hear. The songs take you through different emotions. Rock music is loud and fast than anything you’ve heard before.

In 1960, British and American rock bands became popular. Bands like Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc. are some of the famous bands. In 1980,the genre that was quite popular was glam metal. The various artists like Twisted Sister, Guns N’

What Is the “Kindie Rock”

You’ve probably heard of “Indie Rock,” but how about “Kindie Rock”? It’s a lot more popular than you might imagine. The most popular new trend involves creating rock music for kids – it “melds the sensibility of the singer-songwriter with themes aimed at kids under 10,” according to Unlike the more “bubble gum” pop music you hear on radio channels designed for kids, Kindie Rock aims to combine classic, cool rock music with lyrics aimed towards being a kid. Think of it as family friendly rock music that everyone can enjoy.

So what, exactly, is the Kindie Rock Movement?

It all started with Dan Zanes, the singer for the alternative 80s and 90s band Del Fuegos. When Dan couldn’t find anything on the radio that was appropriate for his young daughter to listen to, he set out to make some on his own. The Kindie Rock movement was born.

The most important element to Kindie Rock is that it’s not the “cutesy,” kind of watered-down pop music that so many companies throw together. Like the name suggest, it’s real rock music for kids. And some of